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eSports Games – DOTA 2

Kirk Miller
20 April 2022 |
Updated: 20 April 2022
Year Released July 2013
Developer(s) Valve
Engine Source 2
Platforms Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux
Genre Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

What is Dota 2?

Dota 2 is the sequel to Defense of the Ancients. Dota 2 is a multiplayer real-time strategy video game that pits two teams against one another. Each team consists of five players. These two teams are expected to protect and defend their bases while attempting to destroy the base of their opponent known as the Ancient. Each player controls a particular hero. Currently, the game has a total of 122 heroes from which each player can choose their own. The character each player chooses has distinctive abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Players can also earn experience points and items during the match. The end goal of this game is for one of the teams to successfully destroy the other team’s base, to be declared the winner.



Dota 2 has a total of 122 heroes and these heroes have two primary roles, core and support. A hero can take on multiple roles at the same time. The various roles in the game are discussed below.

  • Carry – The carry is a hero that bears the responsibility of leading the team to victory as he plays a critical role in team fights. This hero relies strongly on farming and items to gain strength in the late game as they lack early game power. The carry is expected to deal the highest damage, so they are sent to the safe lane to level up till they are strong enough to farm independently and take on the opponent’s heroes.
  • Initiator – These are heroes with strong area effects against the opposing team and can start team fights easily. They have a long cooldown, so only initiate team fights when most of the other heroes are ready.
  • Durable – These are heroes that can take a large amount of damage and also restore their team’s hero HP. They can resist the enemies damage and weaken the enemy hero’s power. Strength heroes mainly play this role.
  • Nuker – These are heroes that deliver high damage from the beginning of the game till the end. They aim to give their team the upper hand by killing the enemy’s heroes.
  • Disabler – Their abilities mainly involve crowd control, so they can act as an initiator at times. They also slow down the enemy’s heroes for the carry to kill.
  • Jungler – These heroes can farm effectively in the jungle on neutral creeps.
  • Support – They keep their team alive with their healing abilities. At times, they are used to slow down the enemy’s hero. They deal low damage and spend their coins for the benefit of the team.
  • Pusher – They mainly focus on destroying the enemy’s towers.
  • Escape – These heroes can help themselves and at times their teams escape death either with teleportation, speed movement or the invisibility ability.

Dota 2 Map

The Dota 2 game has just one map which is divided into two segments, with two teams, the Dire Faction and the Radiant Faction, occupying opposite corners. Each faction controls a diagonal half of the map that consists of three lanes, which are the top lane, middle lane and bottom lane. Each lane has towers leading to the Ancients which are located at the heart of each faction. The Ancient is protected by two towers which must be destroyed before the Ancient can be destroyed.

Game Modes

The game has four modes. These are Ranked, Unranked, Private Lobby and Event game modes.

How to Play Dota 2?

This game can be played through Steam. If necessary, download Steam and install the Steam client. Create an account. Then, in the Steam client, search for the game Dota 2 and download it. After the game is installed, explore the tutorials to learn the basic mechanics of the game before advancing to play with real-time players. Playing support heroes is also a good idea while players familiarise themselves with the game.


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