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eSports Player Bio – Dominic ‘Hybrid’ Grove

Kirk Miller
6 May 2022 |
Updated: 6 May 2022
Name Dominic Grove
In-Game Name Hybrid
Year Born 2001
Nationality British
Current Game Overwatch
Organisation British Hurricane
Most Notable Honours Contenders 2021 EU Season 2 – June (1st)

Zotac Cup Overwatch Community Tournament #32 (1st)


Player Background

Being born in 2001, Dominic “Hybrid” Grove is one of the youngest Overwatch professional players out there. He has been prominent in the international esports scene since 2019.

Since the very beginning, Overwatch has been Grove’s first and only love. He has participated in some of the game’s major tournaments all over the world and has done extremely well. He’s very well-versed with more than one hero in the game. According to his statistics, he spends most of the time playing with Ashe.

If you’re not familiar, Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter developed by Blizzard Entertainment. In a very short time, this game has climbed the ranks of esports titles with its wide array of heroes, massive number of maps, and different game modes

It also helps that the game is available for PC (via Battle.net), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, as well as Nintendo Switch. It’s completely free-to-play as of now, so the game gets a major influx of players from all over the world.

Little is known about Hybrid’s life outside of the gaming world, partly due to the fact that it hasn’t been long since he entered the world of professional esports.

Professional History

At the time of writing, Grove might not be a teenager anymore, but he’s still very young. In the very short life he has led and the very short time he has been active in the esports scene, he has changed teams quite a few times.

He first appeared in team HSL Esports back in March 2019 and was active until April. In May 2019, he joined team Luminance for a month. Later that year, Hybrid joined team Novus Ordo Seclorum and stayed there until January 2020.

The next team in his professional journey was NYYRIKKI Esports. He played for this team for four months at the very beginning of 2020. The next phase of his journey was very short-lived – he spent only one month with the team In Control.

He joined Disaster in May 2020 only to leave in June to join Team Doge, and he stuck with them for three months. He then became an Overwatch London Spitfire player.

Hybrid’s current team is British Hurricane, and he keeps on surprising the world with his skills. If you didn’t know already, he plays the role of a DPS for all of his teams. DPS is technically the acronym for ‘damage per second’, but over the years, it has become synonymous with players who are experts in dealing damage.

Overwatch is a game packed with lots of ‘heroes’ that are cut out for different roles. Grove has mastered his craft with Widowmaker, Ashe, Tracer and Echo.

For fast movements, he is currently using a Logitech G Pro X Superlight White mouse, set at 800 CPI.

Professional Success

In the very short career that this former Overwatch London Spitfire player has had so far, his statistics have been phenomenal. He has participated in various major tournaments as well as some minor events.

He came first in the qualifier round for Oserv OW Tour #5 back in 2019, and came second in the qualifier for Tournament of Future Champions – March EU.

In 2019, Hybrid stuck to Minor events and qualifiers only. The other instance when his team came first is the Zotac Cup Overwatch Community Tournament #32 – EU.

His first major success came in 2021 when his team British Hurricane won Contenders 2021 EU Season 2 in June. 2021 was a fascinating year for his career as he placed third to fourth in the SteelSeries Invitational, second in Contenders 2021 EU Season 2 in July, second in Contenders 2021 EU Season 3 in September, and fifth to sixth in the Mayhem Fall Classic.

As for prize money, the Major win and the placements brought in over $30,000 in winnings for this talented player.

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