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eSports Player Bio – Jaden ‘Wolfiez’ Ashman

Kirk Miller
6 May 2022 |
Updated: 6 May 2022
Name Jaden Ashman
In-Game Name Wolfiez
Year Born 2003
Nationality British
Current Game Fortnite
Organisation Excel Esports
Most Notable Honours Fortnite Work Cup Finals – Duo: $1,125,000 Prize Money

FNCS Invitational – Grand Finals: Europe: $95,000 Prize Money

FCNS Invitational – Week 2: Europe: $35,000 Prize Money

Player Background

Fortnite has shed light on some of the best video game players of the century thanks to its incredible popularity. One such entity is none other than Jaden “Wolfiez” Ashman. If you’re a part of the Fortnite universe, then you’ll definitely have heard of this name!

Ashman made headlines back in 2019 when he became the youngest-ever gamer to win millions in a Fortnite tournament. He is known for his skill with the controller, among many other things!

Ashman, known by his in-game name “Wolfiez”, is a Fortnite player from the UK. He was born on 11th December 2003 and only started his professional gaming career in 2019. He was the youngest-ever eGamer to win millions of dollars after coming second in the Duos category at the Fortnite World Cup Finals in 2019.

Wolfiez has been playing video games since the age six. By age eight, he was already a pro at many games and started playing competitively. At age 15, he was focusing all his playing efforts on Fortnite.

This is when the player came into the spotlight and embarked on his journey to success. His love for gaming has humble beginnings and starts with him playing video games with his uncle. His uncle taught him to use the controller with technique and precision.

To this day, Wolfiez still prefers to play with his controller rather than a mouse. While the mouse is said to be superior to controllers in competitive gaming, Wolfiez claims that for him, there’s no better tool than the controller.

He used these controller skills and fine-tuned them by playing numerous games throughout his teenage years. While he does mention in some interviews that he became slightly obsessed with gaming, it was nothing that some ground rules couldn’t fix!

Professional History

Wolfiez used to watch his uncle play games such as Gears of War before he got his own Xbox at age six. He started playing similar games when he got his gear. Around 2019, he started playing Fortnite more than other games.


This obsession with Fortnite did cause some trouble at home with his mother though. She even threw out his Xbox once! However, after seeing how skilled and dedicated her son was to the game, they both came to a middle point. There are now house rules for the Wolfiez Fortnite prodigy!

Wolfiez has taken part in many tournaments, matches and online competitions that all centre on Fortnite. He plays both solo and in groups or teams.

Wolfiez has also been creating content with his gameplay on his YouTube and Twitch channel. On Twitch, the streaming platform, he rounds up over 796,000 followers and has more than 10 million channel views!

As for his YouTube channel, Wolfiez has more than 392,000 subscribers and more than 20 million views. He uploads content more or less regularly on both of these platforms. Most of his content revolves around the gaming world.

Professional Success

As of 2022, Jaden Ashman is ranked #1 in the highest earnings for esports gamers in the UK. Some of his highest-paying tournaments were between 2019 and 2020. His highest earnings by far were in the Fortnite World Cup Finals in 2019. In this tournament alone, Wolfiez’s winnings were $1,125,000!

Some of his other notable matches were in the FNCS Invitation Grand Europe, which had $95,000 as prize money. He also won $35,000 as prize money in the FCNS Invitational – Week 2: Europe! However, these are only the top few tournaments.

He came out first in the Fortnite World Cup 2019 – Week 10: Europe and in the Champion Trio Cash Cup C2S4 – Week: EU.

Wolfiez was part of the Lazarus Esports EU team from July 2019 to March 2020. He then switched to Excel Esports in May 2020 and is currently serving as a player in the team.

Wolfiez has made the headlines for a number of reasons. One of them was because he played the Final Cup with a controller. While most of the players were using the Epic-issued Logitech mouse, Wolfiez’s controller skills became clear for all to see.

The player also does a lot of interviews, podcasts and collaborations with other gamers. He also shares tips and tricks for playing Fortnite and other video games.


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